Son of Shishupala.


The youngest of the hundred sons of Ikshvaku, who realised that his son did not have good qualities. He gave mit land, named the capital Madhumanta and appointed Shukra, the teacher of the demons, curt priest.

Dandaka raped Shukras daugter Araja. Shukra destroyed Dandaka’s land by letting it dry up. After millions of years it was known as Dandaka forest.

Dashanami Sampradaya

Ten (dasha) monastic orders (sampradaya) founded by Shankara which have their monasteries (Amnaya Matha/Pitham) in four cities.

East Puri – Order Vana, Aranya
South Sringeri – Order Puri, Sarasvati, Bharati
West Dwaraka – Order  Ashrama, Tirtha
North Jyotirmath – Order Giri, Parvata, Sagara

Vana – living in the forest
Aranya – living in the wilderness
Puri – living in the city
Sarasvati – named after the Goddess of wisdom
Bharati – a name of Sarasvati
Ashrama – living in a hermitage
Tirtha – living near a sacred water
Giri – living on a hill
Parvata – living in the mountain
Sagara – living near the ocean

The initiation name is followed by the order name.

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Dashavatara (Evolution)

The ten avatars of Vishnu are the chronology of the evolution of mankind.

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Dasharatha Jataka

Dasharatha Jataka is a version of Ramayana, that tells the story of King Dasharatha of Benares, his sons, Rama and Lakkhana, their sister, Sita, and half-brother, Bharata. There is no Shatrugna.

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Brahma appointed sage Ripunjay king of Varanasi during Shivas absende and gave him the name Divodasa.

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The Sanskrit language, the voice of the divine, created by Brahma.

Devanagari are the Sanskrit letters.

Deva is the divine, Nagari means city.

Devanagari can be seen as ‚The letters from the God’s city‘.


The car of Subhadra at the Ratha Yatra in Puri, where Krishna is worshiped as Jagannatha.


Brother of Ugrasena, father of Devaki who married Vasudeva. They are the parents of  Krishna.

Dhanvantari Jayanti

The appearance day of Dhanvantari is celebrated on the 13th day (Trayodashi) of the dark period of the moon in the month of Karttika (October/November).

Dhanvantari is the deified healing art Ayurveda.

Other names of the feast are Dhanteras and Dhanvantari Trayodashi.

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