An apsara, describing women in the Mahabharata.

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Pratikami was the one who had to bring Draupadi to the dice hall after Yudhishthira had gambled everything away.

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A sage from Kerala, one of Vararuchi’s children.

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An architect from Kerala, one of Vararuchi’s children.

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Palur Padippura

A center of Astrology in Kerala.

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Prapanna Gita

See Pandava Gita.

Pandava Gita

The song of the Pandavas, also called Prapanna Gita, where Prapanna means Bhakti.

It is a collection of verses sung by different charaters of mythology.

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Panchabhuta Sthalam

See Panchabhuta.

Panchayatana Puja

A puja established by Shankara, to unite the different sects, practiced by the Smarta Sampradaya.

Five deities are worshiped together, Shiva, Vishnu, the Goddess (Parvati), Surya and a personal deity of the believer, usually Ganesha or Karttikeya.

The chosen deity is placed in the middle of the other four. If Shiva sits in the middle it is a Shivayatana Puja, if the Foddess sits in the middle it is a Deviyatana Puja etc.


Shankara had four primary disciples he installed as acharyas of the four maths.
Hastamalaka in Puri, Sureshvara in Sringeri, Padmapada in Dwaraka, Totaka in Jyotirmath (near Badrinath).

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