See Jada Bharata.

Raivathaka Mountain

Durvasa had cursed a sage to become a mountain. The sage asked Narada to stand near Dwaraka. At the mediation of Narada, King Revatha gave his permission.

Then Narada told all the other mountains that Revatha had stolen the mountain. They attacked Revatha. Krishna gave him the power to win against them


King of Kushasthali, also called Raivatha and Kakudmi, father of Revathi.


See Jada Bharata.

Ramayana vs. Mahabharata

Comparison of the two epics.


Brahma appointed sage Ripunjay king of Varanasi during Shivas absende and gave him the name Divodasa.

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Ravi is a name of the sun, Surya.

Suryas chariot is called Raviratha.


In the Ramayana, Rama had a bridge built from Rameshvaram to Sri Lanka. The bridge is called Ramasetu or just Setu.

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The ancestral chain Dilipa – Raghu – Aja – Dasharatha – Rama.

Read about them in Kalidasa’s famous work Raghuvamsa.

Radha Ashtami/Jayanti

Birthday (Jayanti) of Radha, celebrated on the eighth (ashtami) day of the bright phase of the moon in the month of Bhadrapada (August/September).

The festival is called Radha Jayanti and Radha Ashtami.