Six places of Murugan in Tamil Nadu.

Tirupparunkunram – Murugan married Devasena here.

Tiruttani – Murugan married Valli here.

Tiruchendur – Murugan stuck his lance into the ground and created a water source.

Palani – Shiva and Parvati offered as reward a golden mango for the son who circles the world fastest. Murugan immediately set off, Ganesha circled his parents as they represent the world. When Murugan returned, Ganesha possessed the mango already.  Murugan angrily withdrew to Palani.

Swami Malai – Murugan, as Swaminatha, explains the significance of AUM (OM) to his father, Shiva.

Palamuthircholai – The woman poet Avvaiyar met Murugan, who asked her if she wanted roasted or unroasted fruits. She asked for unroasted as she thought the offer was a joke. Fruits fell from the tree into the sand, Avvaiyar took them and blew the sand away. Murugan said she didn’t need to cool the fruit, that it wasn’t roasted.

Poet Nakkirar praises these places in his Tirumurugatrupadai.

Read the work here