Ashta Vivaha

Eight (ashta) types of wedding (vivaha), named after divine and demonic beings.

Brahma Vivaha
Arranged marriage.

Daiva Vivaha (Deva wedding)
The daughter is married to a priest as the gift to him for having performed sacrificial ceremonies for the family. The daughter is part of the sacrifice.

Arsha Vivaha (Rishi wedding)
The daughter is married for a bride price.

Prajapatya Vivaha
The daughter is married without a bride price.

Gandharva Vivaha
Love marriage without paternal consent and without ceremony.
Like this Shakuntala and Dushyanta married.

Asura Vivaha
An unsuitable groom buys the daughter from the family.

Rakshasa Vivaha
The groom abducts the bride.
Bhishma abducted Amba, Abmika and Ambalika. Krishna abducted Rukmini.

Pishaca Vivaha
Forced marriage if the daughter is pregnant.