Divine, cosmic weapon, usually presented to a hero personally by the God who rules over it. There is written so much different about these weapons, the list is only intended to give a rough impression.

Adityastra repels water.
Agneyastra creates fire that cannot be extinguished.
Aindrastra makes it rain fire and meteorites.
Brahmadanda repels Brahmastra.
Brahmashira can destroy even Gods.
Brahmastra destroys everything.
Gandharvastra makes whoever shoots it multiply a thousandfold.
Garudastra fends off Nagastra.
Indrastra makes it rain arrows.
Jyotishkastra dispels darkness (created by enemy).
Vajra brings lightning.
Nagastra is a snake-shaped weapon that never misses a target.
Narayanastra makes it rain clay targets.
Parvatastra makes a mountain fall from the sky.
Pashupatastra destroys everything.
Pramohana reduces the opponent’s awareness.
Suryastra brings brilliant light.
Tvashtastra leads to hallucinations, the enemy sees the enemy everywhere and attacks his own soldiers.
Unmadini drives you crazy.
Vaishnavastra destroys everything.
Varunapasha is a noose that no one can escape.
Varunastra lets masses of water pour out.
Vayvayastra brings storm.

Shiva’s three infallible arrows. With the first arrow you mark everything that is to be destroyed. With the second arrow you mark everything that must not be destroyed. The third arrow destroyed everything that was marked and should be destroyed.

See also Pashupata.