The ninth Avatar of Vishnu.

His name was Siddharta Gautama, son of King Suddhodana from the lineage of the Shakyas, hence his name Shakyamuni.

Suddhodana was regent of Kapilavastu, married with Maya. She died after giving birth.

Suddhodana married her sister, Gautami, hence Buddha’s name Gautama.

He was born in Lumbini and died in Kushinagar.
Supreme knowledge he attained in Bodhgaya, at that time called Uruvela.
Now he was an awakened, a Buddha.
His first discourse he gave in Sarnath.
He was married with Yasodhara, their son was Rahula, but he left them.
His charioteer was Chandaka, his favorite horse was Kanthaka.

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