King Bhoja found the throne of king Vikramaditya.


Son of Samudragupta, minister of king Vikramaditya.


See Samvartaka.


The river Brahmaputra, the son (putra) of Brahma. His parents are Shantanu and Amogha.

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A commentary on a literary work.

Bindu Sarovara

The pond (sarovara) of drops (bindu) – emerged from Vishnu’s tears of joy over Kardama’s meditation.

Kapila and Devahuti had their hermitage here.


The son of Agnidhara, Nabhi, was married with Merudevi. They prayed to Vishnu for a child. He was born as their son. His name was Rishabha.

Rishabha had hundred sons, the firstborn was Bharata, who became king. The ancient name of India is Bharata.

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Bhakti is devotion to God or a personal Deity. The devotee is the Bhakta.

Mostly Bhakti is connected with Krishna.

See also Navadha Bhakti and Virodha Bhakti.

Bhasha Traya

Three kinds (traya) of languages (bhasha) in which the Puranas are written – Samadhi, Darshana, Guhya.

Samadhi Bhasha – something is written as it is.

Darshana Bhasha – something is written as it appears (may not be actually as it is), and VedaVyasa wrote as it appeared to whoever was watching it (not necessarily Vyasa’s point of view always)

Guhya Bhasha – something totally different is written whereas the meaning is entirely different.

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Betel Leaf

Every God resides on the different parts of the betel leaf.

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