Female Ganesha


Fish eyed

In poetry, the fish eyes are mentioned as an ideal of women’s beauty. This does not mean the fish’s bulging eyes, but ‚eyes in the shape of the fish‘.

In Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Parvati is worshiped as Minakshi, the fish eyed one.

Four Birds (Markandeya Purana)

Pingaksha, Sumukha, Vibodha, Suputra. In the Markandeya Purana they answer the questions of Jaimini, a disciple of Vyasa.

Her mother, Tarkashi, had her stomach slit open by an arrow while she was flying over the battlefield of the Mahabharata War. Four eggs fell down, an elephant’s bell came off and fell protectively over the birds. They were found and raised by a sage. When they grew up they studied the Veda.

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