Lolark Kunda

A small bathing pond in Varanasi at a depth of 15 meters, which is fed by the water of patala, the underworld.

Shiva sent Surya to Kashi to bring purity to the people. The reflection of the sun in this kunda confirms this.


See padma.


A the Shiva Linga worshipping community founded by the mystic and poet Basavanna.

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Female gatekeeper in Brahma’s abode. The task made her become arrogant and Brahma banished her to the demons in Lanka. Lankini apologized and Brahma softened the punishment, she is allowed to come back when she is defeated by a monkey.

She was also a gatekeeper in Lanka when Hanuman arrived looking for Sita and pretended to visit the city. Lankini didn’t believe him and attacked him. Hanuman threw her to the ground. Lankini remembered Brahma’s statement and surrendered.

To more female characters impeded Hanuman, Surasa and Sinhika.


Ganesha’s favorite food.

Sweet balls made from chickpea flour with a variety of ingredients.


A demon, son of Madhu and Kumbhini, a sister of Ravana.

Madhu had received a weapon from Shiva, if he held it in his hands he could not be killed. He passed it on to his son, who soon became a plague. Rama and Lakshmana could have killed him, but Shatrugna asked for it, he also wanted to perform a heroic deed. Rama agreed.

Shatrugna learned that Lavana always went hunting in the morning and left Shiva’s weapon at home. He waylaid for him and killed him.


See Avatars of Vishnu.


Indra sent sage Lomasa to the Pandavas to inform them that Arjuna would stay with him for a while. Arjuna had gone to the Himalayas to obtain Pashupata from Shiva. After that he decided to visit his father, Indra.

Lomasa then went on pilgrimage with the Pandavas.


One of the Ashtasakhi, eight (ashta) friends (sakhi) of Radha, Krishnas favorite Gopi.

Lalita, Vishaka, Campakalata, Citra, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Rangadevi, Sudevi.

Lalita arranges the meetings of Radha and Krishna.

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Wife of Patanjali.