Nila (Ramayana)

Commander-in-chief of Sugrivas monkey army. Son of Agni.


Navel (nabhi) pond (kunda) – Amrita, the nectar of immortality, is stored in Ravana’s navel.

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Nala (Ramayana)

As the son of Vishvakarma, Nala was the chief architect of the bridge to Lanka.

As a child, he enjoyed throwing whatever he found into the water. There are two stories.

When he threw a precious stone of a sage into a pond, the latter cursed him that anything he threw into the water should float on the surface. 

Since Nala was always sad that everything he threw into the water sank, he got a favor from his mother, that anything he threw into the water should float on the surface.

Both, curse and favor, helped him building the floating bridge.


Nine (nava) gems (ratna) at king Vikramaditya’s court, mentioned in Kalidasa’s Jyotirvidabharana.

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Nasadiya Sukta

The most famous hymn of the Rig Veda – the origin of the universe, Rig Veda X.129

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Narsinh Mehta

A poet and musician of Gujarat.

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A poet and mystic from Maharashtra.

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Navadha Bhakti

The nine (nava) steps to Bhakti.

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Nandana Garden

The garden of Indra.

Nikumbha und Kumbha

Söhne von Kumbhakarna.