Kingdom founded by Pururavas.


The Untouchable, who was willing to buy king Harishchandra.

Purushottama Kshetra

The land (kshetra) of Purushottama, the land of the highest (uttama) Purusha.

It is the Jagannatha temple in Puri.


The Apsara, who, at Brahma’s request, gave birth to nine sons for Agnidhara within nine years and then returned to heaven.  


Prayag/Sangam are confluences of rivers. The places are sacred and destinations of pilgrimage.

Allahabad has a confluence of three rivers, Triveni Sangam,  Ganga, Yamuna and the mystical Sarasvati.

See also Panchprayag.

Pravarshana Mountain

Krishna and Balarama fled to Pravarshana Mountain when Jarasandha pursued them. He started a fire around the mountain, but the brothers jumped down from the mountain unnoticed.


An old owl, connected with the story of Akupara.

Read the myth about Akupara here


The primordial substance of nature. Prakrit is the original language of man.

Sanskrit is the refined language of scholars.

Phalaharini Kalika Puja

A festival in Bengal in honor of Kali in her Phalaharini aspect. As Phalaharini, she destroys the ‚fruits‘ (phala) that have been accumulated through karma and that would lead to another rebirth.


The rotation scheme in Udupi.

Each Ashtamatha takes the managerial responsibility of the Udupi Matha for two years in cyclic order.