Rohini (Lunar Mansion)


A poet and composer of Carnatic music and a devotee of Rama.

A famous work is Dasarathi Satakam.

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Dasarathi Satakam

Rama Rajyam

The reign of Rama after he returned from exile.

Raja is the king.


A demon Rakta – blood, Bija – seed.

He got a favor of Brahma that if a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a new Raktabija would arise. He and his clones were destroyed by Kali, the wrathful aspect of Parvati.


The bow (danusha) of Indra, created by Surya and Varuna, sun and water.


Pradyumna’s second wife, their son was Aniruddha.


See Jada Bharata.

Raivathaka Mountain

Durvasa had cursed a sage to become a mountain. The sage asked Narada to stand near Dwaraka. At the mediation of Narada, King Revatha gave his permission. Then Narada told all the other mountains that Revatha had stolen the mountain. They attacked Revatha. Krishna gave him the power to win against them.

At this mountain, Balarama was having fun with the Gopis when Dvivida appeared and molested them. Balarama killed him.


King of Kushasthali, also called Raivatha and Kakudmi, father of Revathi.

Ramayana vs. Mahabharata

Comparison of the two epics.