Shivalinga Tree

Couroupita guianensis.

Inside the flower of this tree the shape of a linga is found, the flower itself gives the appearance of the hood of a cobra, protecting the linga.

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Shuka (Bird)

The parrot, which can learn the human language, represents the masculine in poetry, the Sarika bird the feminine. Sarika and Shuka are birds of love.

Sarika Bird

The sarika bird, which can learn the human language, represents the feminine in poetry, the parrot (Shuka) the masculine. Sarika and Shuka are birds of love.

Saravana Bhatta

It was Saravana Bhatta by whom king Bhoja found the throne of king Vikramaditya.


Samudragupta was looking for a teacher who knew more than he did. He met a ghost who was able to do so within six months. However, he is not allowed to eat or sleep during these six months. When the time was up he fell into a deep sleep and was saved by Alangaravalli. For this she demanded that he marry her. Samudragupta refused and she complained to the king. The king ordered that he had to marry Alangaravalli, his daughter, the daughter of his minister and the daughter of his priest.

Each gave birth to a son
Alangaravalli Bhartrihari.
The daughter of King Vikramaditya.
The daughter of Minister Bhatti.
The daughter of the priest Vararuchi.

The king made Samudragupta king. Thereafter, Bhartrihari reigned. He gave the kingdom to Vikramaditya and made Bhatti minister.

Shantanu and Amogha

Parents of river Brahmaputra.

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King of Surastra, married to Sudharma, their son was Hemakantha.

Somakanta’s happy life comes to an abrupt end when he falls ill with leprosy. He retires to the woods and learns from sage Bhrigu that he had led a dissolute life in his last life. Yama, the Lord of death, asked him after his death whether he would like to experience the good or the bad karma in the next life first.

Somakanta chose the good kama first. This was now fulfilled and the bad struck with the disease.


Kingdom of Jayadratha, located on the river of the same name, today the Indus.

According to the common reading, Hindu developed from Sindhu.


The ‚Bridge‘, short form for Ramasetu.

Samkshepa Ramayana

A short version of the Ramayana. Valmiki is looking for a hero for his work. He questions the sage Narada, who recommends writing about Rama.

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