Sarama (Ramayana)

Wife of Vibhishana.


At Shringverpura, Guha brought Rama, Lakshmana and Sita to the other bank of the Ganga.


Son of Sunda and Tataka. Brother of Maricha. Uncle of Ravana.


Mountain in Lanka where Rama, Lakshmana and the monkey army made their camp. From the summit they could watch Ravana’s capital.


A disciple of Agastya. When he asked him, after completing his apprenticeship, what honorarium he wanted, Agastya asked to meet Rama.

At that time, Rama was not yet on earth, but Agastya knew about his appearance.

Sutikshna built a hermitage and waited for Rama. When he appeared, he asked him to visit Agastya.


Indra wanted to bring sage Sarabhanga into the realm of Brahma, but he refused, because he wanted to have met Rama first.

When Rama appeared in his hermitage, he left his body in his presence. He built a pyre, burned himself and followed Indra.

Sashtanga Pranam


Sa – with, Ashta – eight, Anga – limb.

One touches the ground with eight limbs. Hands, head, chest, knees, feet. The hands are layed together over the head.


Father of Pratapbhanu.


Shilavati was married to Urgrashravas, who fell ill with leprosy. Since she was a woman who did everything for her husband, one night she carried him on her back to a prostitute. She overlooked a sage, her husband struck him with his foot and he cursed him to die at sunrise.

Shilavati asked the sun not to rise again. Life on earth came to a standstill. The wise asked Anasuya for help. She went to Shilavati and promised her that if she took the curse back, she would bring her dead husband back to life. Shilavati agreed, the sun rose, Ugrashravas died, Anasuya brought him back to life.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva then granted Anasuya a favor. She asked the three to be born as her son. The son was Dattatreya.  

Shivalinga Tree

Couroupita guianensis.

Inside the flower of this tree the shape of a linga is found, the flower itself gives the appearance of the hood of a cobra, protecting the linga.

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