Mind-born son of Brahma or born from his thumb. Married with Prasuti. His daughters he married as follows

27 daughters with Chandra, the moon, they are the Nakshatras.
13 daughters with Kashyapa.
1 daughter, Sati, married Shiva on her own wish.
13 daughters with Dharma, one of them, Murti, was the mother of Narnarayana.
1 daughter, Svaha, with Agni.
1 daughter, Rati, with Kama.

Furthermore, Daksha was married to Asikni and Virini, with Asikni he fathered the 10,000 Haryashvas, with Virini the 10,000 Shabalashvas, plus around 50 daughters (all numbers vary in the individual myths). Daksha’s concern was to populate the world with people.

Once he performed a sacrifice, but did not invite Shiva, he did not like his son-in-law. Sati went to her father and confronted him with the impropriety, he mocked Shiva, Sati jumped into the fire. As Virabhadra Shiva destroyed the sacrifice.