Draupadi’s fate

Draupadi was conquered by Arjuna at her Svayamvara. Kunti determined that she must marry all five brothers. They decided that each brother could be with her for a year. Before Draupadi spent her time with the next brother, she went through a fire that restored her virginity.

Many stories are told as to why Draupadi had five husbands. Here are just a few I know.

In her previous life, Draupadi was the wife of an ascetic who was unable to satisfy her lust. So he cursed her that she would have to please five husbands in her next life.

Draupadi asked Shiva for a husband and so that he would really hear it, she repeated her wish five times, after which she got five husbands.

Draupadi asked Shiva for a husband who should have the qualities of virtue, strength, learning, charm and wisdom. Since one man alone cannot conform to this, Shiva decided to give her five husbands, each with one of these qualities.

Krishna intended Karna, who sincerely loved Draupadi, for her. But she rejected him because of his low status. Thus she obtained five husbands, none of whom protected her when she was humiliated by the Kauravas. After Yudhishthira lost everything at dice, including Draupadi, she was dragged into the hall and the men wanted to undress her. They didn’t succeed, Draupadi’s sari got longer and longer… a myth about it.

Once Durvasa was bathing in a river when his clothes were swept away by the current. Draupadi tore off a piece of her sari, saving the sage from nakedness. In gratitude, he blessed her that should she find herself in a similar situation, her saree would grow indefinitely.