Son of king Prishata. Father of Dhristadyumna, Satyajit and Draupadi, who married the five Pandavas.

The number of his sons varies up to twelve. Satyajit, Uttamaujas, Yudhamanyu are mentioned by name.

Another daughter was Shikandini, the reborn Amba, she changed her sex, became a man, Shikandin, and was the reason for the death of Bhishma.

Drupada was a boyhood friend of Drona. He once promised him half his kingdom but then refused to do so. Drona demanded as a fee from the Pandavas und Kauravas that they destroy Drupada.

Dhrishtadyumna killed Drona in the Mahabharata war.

The story about Drupada is included in the story about Drona

In 16 chapters the Mahabharata is told from Bharata to Pandu. The link is the first chapter. All chapters are found in June 2016.