Gandiva Danusha

Bow (danusha) of Arjuna.

The mightiest bow ever made, by Brahma himself. It cannot be broken, it has two quivers their arrows never run out.

Whenever the string is stretched, a clap of thunder sounds. Indra fought with it, gave it to Chandra, the moon, and he gave it to Varuna, the lord of the waters. Since Varuna still owed a favor to Agni, the lord of fire, he handed him over the bow. Agni gave it to Arjuna.

Arjuna shot a net of arrows over the Khandava forest so that Agni could eat (burn) this forest.

When Arjuna went to heaven, he returned the bow to Agni, who returned it to Varuna. It lies on the bottom of the ocean forever.