Govardhan is the son of Dronagiri, a huge mountin in the Himalayas.

Sage Pulastya asked Drona to take his son with him to Kashi (Varanasi). He agreed on the condition that he should never drop him off. Otherwise he could never be removed from the place. Pulastya agreed. In Vrindavan Govardhan became so heavy that Pulastya had to put Govardhan down. In anger, he cursed Govardhan for losing height every day. Today it’s just a hill.

Krishna had given order, that Indra should no longer be worshiped, but Govardhan. As a result Indra became angry and sent heavy downpours. Krishna lifted the mountain and held it up on his little finger for seven days so that Vraj residents and cows could find shelter under it.

After that Indra called Krishna Govinda, protector of the cows.

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