Son of Anjana and Kesari. As son of Anjana he is called Anjaneya. He is a Chiranjivi, a being, who lives ‚endlessly‘ but is not immortal.

He became Hanuman, the one with the broken jaw, after Indra broke it because Anjaneya wanted to devour the sun.

Vayu was involved in the birth of Hanuman, so he is also considered the son of Vayu. Because Kunti fathered Bhima with Vayu, Hanuman is considered half-brohter of Bhima.*

Arjuna hast the emblem of Hanuman on his banner.*

Furthermore, Hanuman is considered an appearance/avatar of Shiva.

Hanuman is, besides Rama, the hero of the Ramayana. 

Hanuman is a single, but there is a story where he has a son, Makaradhwaj.

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