Navagraha Sthalam

Nine places (Sthalam) in Tamil Nadu where the nine planets (Navagraha) are worshiped.

A sage suffered from leprosy and prayed to the nine planets for healing. They happily healed him. Brahma interpreted this as presumption of office and cursed them to get sick with leprosy and to live on earth. In Aduthurai they prayed to Shiva. He told them to spread around the area and promised that they would be worshiped separately.

Aduthurai – Sun, Surya
Thingalur – Moon, Chandra
Vaidiswarankoyil – Mars, Mangala
Tiruvendaku – Mercury, Budha
Alangudi – Jupiter, Brihaspati
Kanjanur – Venus, Shukra
Karaikal – Saturn, Sani
Tirunageswaram – Rahu, the ascending lunar node
Kilaperumpallam – Ketu, the descending lunar node