As Lord (natha) of mount Kedar Shiva dwells in Kedarnath, Garhwal Himalaya.

After the Kurukshetra War, the Pandavas visited Shiva in Kashi to atone for the killing of their relatives, the Kauravas. Shiva fled.

The Pandavas finally found him in Kedarnath in disguise of a bull. Shiva fled again, but Bhima recognized him, grabbed his tail and hind feet and held him. Shiva dug into the earth and reappeared in parts.

The rear part remained in Kedarnath, the remaining four parts appeared as follows – arms in Tungnath, navel in Madhyameshvar, face in Rudranath, hair in Kalpeshvar.

The Pandavas built temples at the five places, the Panchakedar temples, the pilgrimage route is the Panchakedar Yatra.

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