Son of Ambalika and Vyasa. Married with Kunti and Madri. He is the father of the Pandavas, although Kunti and Madri begot them with the Gods.

Kunti – with Dharma Yudhishthira, with  Vayu Bhima, with Indra Arjuna.
Madri – with the Ashvin the twins Nakula and Sahadeva.

Pandu accidentally shot a pair of lovers while hunting. The man, Kindama, cursed him if he touched one of his wives he would die. Therefore, his wives turned to the Gods. Later, however, Pandu embraced Madri and the curse came true.

In 16 chapters the Mahabharata is told from Bharata to Pandu. The link is the first chapter. All chapters are found in June 2016.