The sixth Avatar of Vishnu as Rama with the ax.

For a variety of myths see Dashavatara.

He is the son of sage Jamadagni and Renuka, grandson of sage Richika. Married with Dharini.

Parashurama is a Chiranjivi, a being that lives ‚endlessly‘ but is not immortal. He will be the teacher of Kalki, Vishnu’s tenth and last Avatar.

The warrior caste (Kshatriyas) had become arrogant and unscrupulous. Once warriors stole Parashurama’s cow, afther he got it back, they killed his father. He took his ax and wiped out the warrior caste except the righteous and virtuous kings.

The axt was a gift of Shiva.

Sandals and umbrelle were a gift of Surya. Parashurama was uncomfortable with the heat of Surya. He shot at Surya’s chariot. When he ran out of arrows, he asked Dharini to fetch new ones. Surya made her faint and gave Parashurama sandals and an umbrella.

In the Mahabharata he was the teacher of Devavrata (the later Bhishma), Drona and Karna.

When Bhishma refused to marry Amba, she turned to Parashurama, who fought against Bhishma but could not win against him.

Parashurama is considered the progenitor of the Chitapavan Brahmanas.

Parashurama is considered the creator of Kerala.

Once Rama (with the ax) and Rama met.