Daughter of a hunter and thus low-caste. The day before her wedding, her father sacrificed thousands of sheep and goats. She fled to the nearby forest, stayed with the sage Matanga, who had his ashram at the Pampa Sarovara, and became his student. Because of her low caste, he was now shunned by the other sages.

When he died, she wanted to throw herself into his cremation fire, but he prophesied that Rama would visit her. Then she can leave her body and come to him.

When Rama appeared she served him jujube berries, tasting each one to see if it was sweet enough for him. Lakshmana tried to stop Rama from eating something already tasted. But he realized Shabari’s devotion and ate with pleasure.

Shabari knew about Sita’s kidnapping and sent Rama to Sugriva.

When Rama had left her, she left her body.