The hundred-shaped – the first woman created from Brahma’s mind. Depending on the myth, Shatarupa is the first woman, next to Manu, the first man.

He liked her so much that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. In order to see her everywhere, Brahma grew three more heads, one in each direction. Shatarupa flew into the sky, and Brahma grew a fifth head looking upwards. 

The causer of the act was Kama, the God of desire, who had shot one of his arrows at Brahma.

What Brahma did was reprehensible, so Shiva cut off this fifth head and thus made himself guilty of Brahmin murder. Brahma is considered a Brahmana.

The head stuck to Shiva’s hand – this is why Shiva is called Kapalin, the bearer of the skull. Some stories say that Brahma cursed Shiva his head would never be released from his hand.

Shiva wandered around the world, in Varanasi the head fell off. Where it fell on the ground is a place of worship, Kapal Mochan.

In order to depict Shiva as inferior to Vishnu, the Vishnu devotees modify the story in such a way that Vishnu released Shiva from the head.