Sala, Dala and Vala were the sons of King Parikshit and Sushobana. Sala succeeded the father on the throne.

Sala was out hunting and could not overtake a deer. His charioteer told him that only the Vami horses of sage Vamadeva, son of Vasishtha, were so swift. Sala drove to Vamadeva and asked for the horses. He lent it to him, but Sala did not return it.

Vamadeva sent a student, Atreya, to collect the horses. In vain. Then he made his own way to the palace. Sala wasn’t ready to give the horses back. Vamadeva called four demons, who killed Sala. Dala now became king. He did not return the horses either and wanted to avenge his brother. He shot an arrow at Vamadeva, but the arrow hit his son Senajit. Dala returned the horses.