The city of Shiva. The old name is Kashi, the shining one.

He resides there as Lord of the Universe, Vishvanatha.

Varanasi is derived from the Varuna and Assi, two rivers that flow into the Ganga here.

More names of this city

Avimukta – the city that Shiva never leaves.
Anandavana – the forest (vana) of bliss (ananda). Forest stands for the countless lingas in this city.
Rudravasa – Rudra’s place of residence (Rudra is a name of Shiva), meaning the omnipresence of Shiva in every grain of dust.
Mahashmashana – the great (maha) cremation place (shmashana).
To die in Varanasi is the goal of every Shiva devotee, because in this case he goes directly into Shiva’s abode.
Benares/Banaras – the city in Pali language.