Lord of death and the realm of the dead. Not to be confused with Mrityu, the death.

His mount is the buffalo Paundraka. His weapon is Kaladanda, the staff (danda) of time (kala). He is the guardian of the southern direction.

Son of Vivasvat, the Vedic sun god, today Surya, and Samjna. His twin sister is Yami, who is equated with the Yamuna River. He is married to Hemamala, Vijaya and Sushila.

Yama judges the deceased, seated on the throne Vicharabhu, in the hall of the court, Kalichi, which is in Yamapura (Yamacity). Chitragupta is his accountant who records the deeds of the people in the book Agrasandhani.

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Yama appears in many myths, the most famous are
Savitri and Satyavan