Incarnation of the world serpent Shesha.  Elder brother of Krishna. Son of Vasudeva and Rohini. He was brought from the body of Devaki into the body of Rohini. Married with Revathi. Their sons are Nishatha and Ulmuka.

His younger sister and Krishna’s half-sister is Subhadra, born after the death of Kamsa.

He taught the art of war to Duryodhana and Bhima, but did not take part in the Mahabharata war himself.

Another legend says that when the Gods asked Vishnu to destroy the demon Kamsa, he took one white and one black hair from His head, the white hair became Balarama, the black hair became Krishna. Krishna means dark, he is depicted with dark skin, Balarama with light skin.

Balarama is depicted with plow (Hala) and club (Gada) their names are Balachita and Saunanda.

Balarama’s names are: Baladeva, Balabhadra, Haladhara, Halayudha, Sankarshana.

Bala refers to his strength.

Baladeva – strong deity, Balabhadra – the strong auspicious one. Haladhara – bearer of the plow, Halayudha – the one with the plow as a weapon. Sankarshana – the one who was brought from one womb to the other.

Balarama and Subhadra are worshiped together with Krishna in Puri, where Krishna is worshiped as the Lord of the universe, Jagannatha.

His story is imbedded in Krishna’s appearance

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