The lobbyist of the universe – a sage devoted to Vishnu who cannot stay long in any place due to a curse of Daksha. So he is well informed about everything that is going on in the cosmos. He can move freely in the three worlds, has unimpeded access to the Gods and gets along with the demons. He provokes difficulties and helps out of difficulties.

Daksha’s curse – Daksha’s ten thousand sons were to ensure the multiplication of mankind. Narada inspired them to retire to the woods. Daksha created ten thousand more sons. When Narada appeared again, he cursed him not to be able to stay anywhere longer than 2 Ghadi (1 Ghadi = 24 minutes). So Narada became the eternal wanderer.

It is also said he is the cursed Gandharva Upabarhana.

He inspired Valmiki to write down the life of Rama in the Ramayana with 100 verses. These 100 verses are the Mula (root) or Samkshepa Ramayana.

Narada himself wrote the Narada Bhakti Sutras.

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Narada Bhakti Sutra