Sage Kashyapa – literally turtle – was married to thirteen daughters of Daksha with whom he populated the world.

Aditi gave birth to the gods (Suras or Adityas).
Diti gave birth to the demons (Asuras or Daityas).
Danu gave birth to the danavas, beings similar to demons.
Arishta gave birth to the Gandharvas, the heavenly musicians.
Muni gave birth to the Apsaras, heavenly dancers.
Vinata gave birth to the birds Garuda, Vishnu’s mount, and Aruna, Surya’s charioteer.
Kadru gave birth to the non-poisonous snakes, Nagas.
Khasa gave birth to the yakshas, peaceful nature spirits.
Surabhi gave birth to the cattle.
Ila gave birth to plants, trees, bushes.
Tamra had six daughters, they gave birth to owls, vultures, crows, horses, camels, donkeys, water birds.
Krodha gave birth to the Krodhavashas, wrathful beings.
Surasa gave birth to the poisonous snakes, Sarpas.

Diti asked for a son who was stronger than Indra. Aditi warned her son. Indra entered the body of Diti and divided the child into seven parts. It screamed, Diti woke up and cursed Indra, that he would never be able to live in peace. Indra revealed that his mother instigated him. Diti curses her to end up in jail and lose her seven children.

Aditi lost in her next life as Devaki seven children in prison. Six were the Sadagarbha, killed by Vasudeva on demand of Kamsa. The seventh was taken away, not killed. It was brought into the womb of Rohini and born as Balarama, Krishna’s brother, the eighth child was Krishna.

Diti’s curse on Indra caused that he was always worried about his position.

Kashyapa and Aditi asked Vishnu to be born as their son. They were born as Dasharatha and Kausalya and Vishnu incarnated as their son Rama.

As Vasudeva and Devaki, Vishnu incarnated as their son Krishna.

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